• Narita-ya (Asakusa, Tokyo)

    The place is actually very near to the Senso-ji temple, right in front of the main temple, turn left and then you’ll find a shopping arcade street, the naritaya halal ramen is within the arcade to your right. The food was great, they even serve sambal. The owner was very nice and welcoming. Prayer room was available too for muslim visitors. After finished your meal, do try their rice and red bean ice cream.

  • MALAYCHAN – Tokyo, Japan

    The name of the restaurant was taken from the soul of Malaysian food, “Malaychan” sauce. The sauce is made through the process of adding various spices such as sun-dried small shrimps, etc. on top of a solid form spice called “balachan” (spice made by fermenting shrimps that are big catch at the coast of Malay Peninsula), and carefully boiling these mixed ingredient. This kind of tasty nutrition filled sauce is a must have item in making Malaysian food. Perhaps such importance can be compared with miso and soy sauce for Japanese food. For our restaurant, “mama” (lady manager) personally goes out to Malaysia and buys carefully selected ingredients. Based on such ingredients, she would make homemade malaychan sauce and lavishly read more