• Burger World

    Burger World provides its customers with a value-driven, entertaining experience through the creativity of Gourmet Fast-food. The Burger World provides gourmet burgers seasoned with different continental spices to give different flavours ranging from (American, British, Arabic, Italian, Mexican, Korean, Japanese) added with fresh relish and signature sauces that will complement the burger patty. All our burger patties are made in-house and our buns are sourced from the finest local bakeries and delivered fresh every morning. We use this unique concept to season burger patty with different spices that differentiates us from most. It’s not just burgers we’re good at but rather we also feature gourmet Hot dogs and Wraps to complement those looking for a variety. Why not top it read more

  • Ameri-Khana

    We are a family business in the heart of Norbury with a unique idea and theme. This retro american diner is 100% halal and is guaranteed to be an experience you will never forget. Our exclusive ‘DIY’ gourmet burgers and chicken wings make us very uniqe with our cuisine. Each meal be it a main meal or dessert is custom made by customers so you get what YOU want, hence our company slogan: ‘Have it YOUR way’ We at Ameri-Khana want everyone to enjoy the experience here so come down, enjoy, travel back in time and tell family/friends about us. We look forward to seeing you all  🙂